by valentinalucia

Welcome to my first blog! I’m starting this blog because I have two big passions in my life – travel and food. I’m not sure which comes first… it’s a hard decision. Anyway, I wanted a place where I could harness my passions into something productive and informative.

I’ve been traveling considerably longer than I have been cooking. I always say there’s two things my parents did with me right after I was born – 1. pierced my ears and 2. put my little butt on an airplane 🙂 It’s in my blood to move, to be a traveler, and recently I realized, since my blood is almost completely Italian, it’s also in my blood to love being in the kitchen. I began experimenting with cooking, in particular baking, this past summer and, needless to say, I have been bitten by the baking bug! Every chance I get (which I cherish since I am away from home most of the year at college), I take advantage of my kitchen and bake up a storm. My mother, God love her, puts up with it and allows me to explore my passions and finds empty shirt boxes for my to transport back my goods to my hungry college friends. They all seem to be very accepting of my addiction – just as long as they get to taste the results 🙂

So I plan to use this blog as an eclectic mix of recipes I attempt and recipes I find that I would like to attempt in the future. I’ll also throw some travel-inspired tidbits whenever I can. I hope we can all enjoy this – so come on! Mangia con me!