by valentinalucia

April 2009

A little boy rests on his father's shoulders at Firenze's celebration at the Duomo on Easter Sunday. © Valentina Palladino 2009

I also am an amateur photographer in addition to my other hobbies. I took this photo during Spring Break last year, when my high school’s theatre department went to Italy for a week with some other classmates. We were in Firenze on Easter Sunday, which was an amazing experience – we got to see the fireworks and the crowd of thousands gathered by the Duomo to praise for the rising of Christ from the dead. I was simply taking random pictures of people in the crowd, and this little boy was too cute to resist. I always feel a little awkward taking pictures of people I don’t know, but this father and son didn’t even notice (I don’t think!).  I was very surprised how nicely the picture turned out. One of my high school English teachers to whom I showed this picture actually asked me if she could have larger copy to hang in her home! Of course, I gifted that right up for her as an end-of-the-year present 🙂