HO VIAGGIATO A… Oregon and its rocky beaches.

by valentinalucia

Lighthouse sitting on a cliff of an Oregon beach. © Valentina Palladino 2007

One of my most surprisingly enjoyable vacations was when my father took us to the Oregon coast and sights such as Crater Lake National Park. It was, honestly, one of the most beautiful places I have ever been. Typically, when one thinks of some of the most beautiful vacation spots on earth, Oregon doesn’t really come to mind right away. It was such a blessing to go there because it made me realize that the best places to travel to are often not the most talked about or raved about places. I always tie this into a scholarly article I read in SUPA class called, “The Loss of the Creature,” which explained that the hype and anticipation built up around a certain place often robs it of it’s genuine characteristics. that’s why when people make such a fuss about, say, the Grand Canyon, when they finally go there, they don’t appreciate it as much as they may  have because they had a picture in their mind of what their experience at the Grand Canyon should be like. Unfortunately, most experiences that we have in our heads never turn out exactly as we see them.

Going into Oregon with no expectations of what I was getting myself into really allowed me to appreciate the land for what it really was. I loved the historical lighthouse that sat perched on a cliff, being the steadfast watchman for incoming ships from the sea. This trip showed me how much I truly like the beach, however I would take Northwest, rocky, Oregon-Washington beaches over sunny-Southeast/west-sunny-California-Florida beaches any day. There’s just something about the combination of harsh, mountainous terrain with placid, soft, comforting sand that attracts me. It’s like the best of both worlds – and the Northwestern beaches are significantly cooler too 🙂

I’ll never forget this one hike we took – it started off on a woodsy trail, then the trail merged with these fantastic sand dunes, rolling like hills across the horizon, breaking the boundary between woods and beach. I was so surprised a landscape was capable of merging these two types of ground together so abruptly, but it was gorgeous. We hiked across the dunes for a while, and then we finally reached the Pacific Ocean on the other side. That walk is on my List of Life Goals as something I want to do again, because I don’t think I appreciated it as much as I should have (I rarely appreciated any hike my father courageously made us do when I was younger – I complained a lot hah).