HO CUCINATO… Rum Balls, an Emeril Lagasse recipe

by valentinalucia

Courtesy of ehow.com

Over winter break I was a furious baker – and I mean furious. I made cookies and other baked goods for my family, and make a bunch of goodies to bring back to college for my friends. During the last leg of my break, I still wanted to bake more! I was milking winter break and the perks of my own kitchen for all they were worth 🙂 So I asked my father what he’d like me to make for him. Of course, he suggested some obscure Italian dishes that I knew I was not skilled enough to make yet (although would love to try in the future!). Then he mentioned rum balls – simple enough right? I researched a few different recipes online and found, to my somewhat surprise, that most rum balls are made the same way – comprising only of crushed wafers, cocoa, rum, corn syrup and confectioners sugar. I settled on Emeril Lagasse’s recipe for rum balls, found on foodnetwork.com.

The only thing was this – the recipe called for 1/2 cup of dark rum. I thought that was quite a bit of rum, and so did my mother when I asked her for her opinion. We both agreed I should put less at first and add more to taste. So I followed the recipe to a T except for the rum amount – I started out with only a little over a fourth of a cup.

That was what caused my downfall – well, I shouldn’t say downfall, hah. The rum balls, in the end, turned out fine and tasty! However, after mixing all the ingredients and letting the batter chill, trying to roll and form the batter into balls was incredibly difficult. The mix would just fall apart in my hands, crumble like breadcrumbs and fall back into the bowl. After being insanely frustrated at my failed attempts, my mother suggested adding tablespoons of milk to the mix to make it more malleable and less crumbly. This worked like a charm. It didn’t take many tablespoons – maybe three or four at most – to form all the batter into bite-size cocoa rum balls.

In the end, I would not change the amount of rum I added. Scaling the rum down for my recipe was perfect for my family. My father likes the taste of rum, and these balls definitely had a strong taste of rum. I think, unless the taste you’re going for is a teaspoon of cocoa with your rum, a full 1/2 cup of rum is unnecessary. However, that decision is purely left up to personal palate preferences.

Needless to say, my father really enjoyed them! All my hard work paid off – bellissima!

And my father knows he’s never getting these rum balls made for him again 🙂

Emeril’s recipe for rum balls can be found here: