by valentinalucia

© Valentina Palladino 2009

My family and I took a mini-trip to Boston, Massachusetts, this past summer, due to the fact that we will be OFFICIALLY MOVED THERE (well, an hour west of Boston) BY THE SUMMER – WOO! I’m so excited for this whole moving process to be over. I may not be at home dealing with realtors, potential buyers, unnatural amounts of paperwork and other things of that nature (God bless my parents for dealing with that), but I feel the fatigue of the process.

Anyways! That was my little moving-rant. Boston is a gorgeous city, or at least I thought so from the little taste of it I got on our trip. It’s like an antique New York City with an atmosphere to match. In a way, I almost liked it more than New York City – however I really cannot say this with accuracy, because I only spent a week in Boston and have been to New York City many more times. I think both cities are iconic in American culture for different reasons, which is probably why there is such a rivalry between them as well! Then again, it could purely be because of baseball….

© Valentina Palladino 2009

The city is so lively and so rich with history. There’s always something to see in Boston, even where you least expect it. This musical man was playing in Harvard Square with his child playing happily beside him in his stroller. I was drawn to this as a photograph because I think it shows a certain side of the Boston people, and the city in general. The environment is open enough and safe enough for an aspiring musician to come out on a sunny afternoon with his child and play for passers-by. Just sitting on the steps listening to this man was an experience all in itself. Just goes to show you there are so many different shapes, colors and facets to a multicultural city such as Boston – some of those showing a more joyous side of humanity than we are used to seeing in this day and age.