NON VEDO L’ORA… Spring Break!

by valentinalucia

Yes it’s almost that time yet again – the time of year college students anticipate to relieve them from their second-semester stresses (if only momentarily) – SPRING BREAK! Judging by my intense enthusiasm, you would think I was jetting off to some exotic location (ideally tropical, I presume?) with a group of my dearest friends to soak up the sun, sand stress-free atmosphere. Seems picturesque, right?

Well it certainly does, but I’ll be having none of that 🙂 I’m going home, back to Chester – for the last time before we move to Boston! – where they have received over two feet of snow. Also, I don’t actually think many of my friends from home have the same spring break as I do, hah. The good thing is that my best friend and I have an overlapping weekend, which we will be spending at least one night of together – going to our high school’s musical production of Little Shop of Horrors! SO EXCITED. This is my theatre-geek coming out, but really, I’m deathly excited. Theatre in my high school was not just a club – we were a fucking sport. I take extreme pride in my theatre exploits, as you can tell.

Anyway, so over Spring Break when I’m not doing work, hanging with my family, and meticulously cleaning out all that can be disposed of from my room to make the move easier, I will be baking my little heart out 🙂 I plan on baking at least three things to bring back to my college  family – my loved and requested healthy oatmeal raisin cookies (thank you, Eating Well!), a new recipe for snickerdoodle blondies I absolutely cannot wait to try (they’re so simple and look sooo good!), and, the project I think I’m most excited about, cake pops!

Aren’t they cute! I found these little cuties on, a fantastic and creative baking website anyone who has an addiction to baking should explore. I will be making my own version of cake pops, not this adorable, little spring chicks (I just picked this picture because I thought it was fitting for spring =P ). I will not tell you what my version will be… it’s a surprise! Ah, I’m so excited to bake!

Of course, I will be posting pictures and recipes as I go along!