by valentinalucia

My first week back to school after Spring Break is almost over… thankfully, hah. I brought back all my baked goods (after a terrible flat-tire incident less than 30 miles from Syracuse – don’t even get me started!), and I wish I had pictures of my finished Otto Pops but they’re ALL GONE! I came to school with a box of about 40 Otto Pops, right? I started giving them out to my friends and they all raved about them! It was a fantastic feeling to know I could make something my own and it was a hit with my friends! I brought the box over to my group of friends in their dorm, and when I left them at the end of the night on Monday, there were maybe 10 Otto Pops left – out of 40! Then I asked my boyfriend, Sean, today if any of my treats were left. He told me, “well I went to get an Otto Pop but they were all gone.” So, in a matter of 1.5-2 days, all 40 Otto Pops were devoured by my friends, in addition to most of my other treats! I think my Spring Baking was a success 🙂

Sheep Cake Pops!

Check out bakerella’s Web site,, for all different, fun variations of cake pops!