CIAO! Long time, no post.

by valentinalucia

I feel terrible that I’ve neglected my wordpress for the past two weeks. I have been going through a bit of a rough patch, but things are promising. I’ve been planning for the end of the year and summer, gosh, so much to think about!

Anyways, I think I’ll have a great project over the summer which will allow me to fill this blog with great posts! Of course, I’ll be cooking and baking as much as I can once summer starts, but I’ve also thought of a little surprise for my Grandmom that requires me to cook and cook and cook! My Grandmom, like most little, Italian grandmoms, is a fantastic cook – but, unfortunately, she recently lost all of her recipes 😦 It was a horrible thing – a cook without recipes, especially someone like my Grandmom, is just terrible and sad. My mother had some recipes of hers from over the years and gave them to her, but it’s just not the same. I want to make sure this never happens again, so what I’m going to try to do is make her a cookbook of her own recipes, full of photos and everything! I’m going to make this book perfect for her, and professionally done – is a great resource.

I used Blurb for my Senior Project Italian children’s book and they are fantastic! You can download the program to create any kind of book for free, and they only charge you if you order the book you created. The prices aren’t bad either.

So on top of a job (once I find one), an internship (if I get one), yoga lessons (once I pay for them), and vocal lessons (once I find someone to teach me), I’ll be cooking and baking my brains out for my own benefit AND to make this book.

I’m making sure I keep myself busy 🙂

On a bright side, my parents got me two cookbooks as a birthday surprise! They really didn’t have to, but I guess they wanted to surprise me since I will not see them on my birthday. There’s a recipe in one of the cookbooks for the Indian bread, Naan. My dad wants me to make this when I get home from college, hah. Totally fine with me! Just give me the ingredients, the cookware and a kitchen and I’m all set 🙂

Naan, Indian bread