BUONISSIMO… Strawberry Cake Balls!

by valentinalucia

I’m kind of obsessed with these little treats. I’m so in love with them, I based an entire graphics project around them – an ENTIRE magazine design – devoted to cake balls.

I got an A.

What’s not to love about these teeny delights? Fluffy cake, crumbled up and formed into balls, held together with luscious frosting, and dipped in a candy coating. What could be better? Almost nothing – I hesitate saying “nothing” because the world of baking never ceases to surprise and amaze me. So, I reiterate – almost nothing could be better, my friends, almost nothing.

I first attempted cake balls in the form of cake pops (cake balls on sticks, eaten like lollipops – SO fun!) back around Easter time for my college friends after reading about them on Bakerella. Over Spring Break, I made Otto Pops comprising of devil’s food cake, held together with dark chocolate frosting, and dipped in an vanilla flavored (yet orange colored) coating. I drew little faces on some and made others into basketballs to show my intense ‘Cuse pride, hah, and brought them back to my friends as a treat. Well, needless to say, they all instantly loved them! All 40 pops were devoured in less than 12 hours by a group of hungry college kids, and to this day, my friends are still asking me to make them! I decided to experiment with them over summer break and make more to bring back as a sophomore to ‘Cuse. These Strawberry Cake Balls are my first variation of the summer – strawberry cake, held together with vanilla frosting, and dipped in a vanilla-flavored, pink-colored coating. To make them even cuter, I sprinkled some pink and white jimmies on top.

I’m a strawberry girl in general, so I absolutely loved these! The best thing about these cake balls is that the cakey, frosting-y center stays moist even days after you make them. I think it has to do with being protected by the candy coating, and kept in the refrigerator to keep cool. Now, mine do not look nearly as professional as Bakerella’s, but I’m still learning and growing my cake-ball hand. These treats take practice to really get them looking great and score an A for presentation. In fact, I actually find it easier to make cake pops rather than cake balls, because the melted candy coating used for dipping drips off much more smoothly when you’re holding the cake ball from a stick, instead of fiddling with a spoon to maneuver it in the melted candy.

Everyone, and I mean EVERYONE should try their hand at cake balls and cake pops! Check out Bakerella’s website for the cake ball recipe – I followed this recipe and just used my own preferred cake mix, frosting and candy melts. The recipe works for any kind of variation, so pick your favorite and get bakin’!