MMM CIOCCOLATO… Dark Fudgy Brownies!

by valentinalucia

I’ve had this recipe bookmarked on my computer for the longest time and finally, FINALLY, I made them! Dark Fudgy Brownies – and they’re Eating Well approved – which means they’re basically guilt-free (even if they don’t taste like they are!).

This recipe was very quick and simple to make. They really are fudgy brownies – I took my first bite of one and thought to myself, “This is as fudgy as it gets before… fudge!” The unsweetened cocoa powder and the dark chocolate are what give these brownie their kick – chocolate is the star. Roasted walnuts provide a crunch in all the right places, and sneak in a little bit of nutty, butter flavor, too. The only downside to the recipe is that it only makes 20 brownies! And those are teeny brownies too! I guess it’s better that way… only 86 calories per brownie. Did I hear someone say seconds? =P

Get the recipe for Dark Fudgy Brownies at here at Eating Well!