by valentinalucia

I’m so sorry I haven’t been posting at all since I’ve returned to Syracuse. Mangia has been neglected and it’s not okay, not okay at all! Unfortunately I am without a kitchen now (one of the cons of living in a dorm), however I will try my hardest to post whenever I can, in the midst of the other crazy things that take up my schedule.

I had an idea recently for Mangia that could allow me to keep posting semi-regularly. Not too long ago, I had a peculiar dinner in my dining hall. They had made a pasta dish with pesto, string beans and sun-dried tomatoes. Naturally, I saw “pesto” and immediately flocked to the dish in the vegetarian/vegan section. Then I saw “sun dried tomatoes” and just lost it and almost cried for joy. Rarely do the dining halls have pesto and sun dried tomatoes as a pasta dish – but when they do, it’s a glorious day. So I made this the main portion of my dinner – however, much to my disappointment, it was lackluster. The sauce was too thin and left a pool of beany-pestoy-tomatoy liquid in my dish and the pasta had no flavor whatsoever. I thought to myself, “I could make this better.” So what I may do in the coming weeks is vent to you all about my dining-hall-dinner mishaps and then come up with a recipe to recreate the spoiled dish. I’m still working on that pesto pasta dish – but once I have it, it’ll be up here!

Two small side notes:

myrecipes - Photo: Thomas J. Story; Styling: Karen Shinto

1. I found this delicious looking recipe for Hazelnut Butter Muffins on myrecipes. Check it out – you know it’ll be on my list of things to cook over the holidays when I go home!

2. My first health article for Her Campus went up earlier this week! Yay! You wanna know the truth about breakfast? Check it out here.