by valentinalucia

My first experience with focaccia I cannot remember specifically. I do remember it was in Italy with my family and I absolutely fell in love with its flat, yet slightly fluffy, texture and its smooth top coating of olive oil. I never knew a basic bread recipe could taste so fantastic! The one thing I do remember about my first focaccia experience was the aftermath. At the end of that trip to Italy, my father smuggled focaccia onto the airplane (I say “smuggled” because I consider focaccia an expensive import that only the best and most worth insiders should be able to enjoy, hah, just kidding! – no, but really, it’s like gold in bread-form). We had at least two loaves of focaccia on the plane, and I’m pretty sure, if my memory serves me correctly, that by the end of the eight-hour ride, most of it was gone. I guess it’s true what they say – once you go flat, you never go back.

Who says that, you ask? I do. That makes at least one person =P

photo courtesy of Parkerman & Christie

I’ve always wanted to make focaccia myself, but I haven’t gotten around to it yet. It will happen in the future, of course. I’ll probably start out with basic focaccia, then move to adding toppings and such. I remember having wonderful onion focaccia in Italy – it was delectable, and the way the olive oil and salt enhanced the onion flavor was amazing. Focaccia is great because the recipe is so basic and fundamental that you can add almost anything to it and have a new bread for every occasion. Typically its topped with olive oil and maybe sliced olives (one of my favorites, because I’m an olive freak). I think it would be interesting to try a sweet focaccia – something like Tuscan schiacciata with grapes on top. The culinary opportunities are endless!

Focaccia has a rich history – check out my article on Suite101 about the history of focaccia!

Also, check out Tyler Florence’s recipe for focaccia on Food Network – it’s the first recipe for focaccia I found, hopefully I’ll get to it soon!