“Food Tip” del giorno – Apples!

by valentinalucia

When buying apples, don’t fuss too much over the skin’s appearance. Plenty of amazing apples look ugly from the outside, but be sure that the apples are firm to the touch.

Try this delectable-looking recipe from Smitten Kitchen for Spiced Applesauce Cake! Cooking with apples doesn’t always have to be about the fresh fruit, so experiment a little and try making recipes with apple butter, applesauce, and other apple ingredients!

Did you know applesauce be a substitute for butter to cut the fat in recipes? The ratio is 1:1 – if a recipe calls for one cup of butter or oil, you can replace it with one cup of applesauce. If you’re a little wary about taking out all the fat of a recipe. try just substituting half the amount to test the waters first.