“Food Tip” del giorno – Peanut Butter!

by valentinalucia

Peanut butter brings out a depth of flavor whenever it’s used in cooking, however to bring out even more rich, peanutty goodness, add unsalted, roasted peanuts to a recipe which calls for peanut butter. Adding the nuts on top of the butter will not only add texture and crunch, but bring out the natural flavor of the peanut butter even more.

My mom and I are peanut butter addicts, which is why we love my recipe for Peanut Butter Mini Chip Cookies, however I just found another recipe for peanut butter cookies I’m very anxious to try – Flourless Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Cookies from the craving chronicles. This recipe has fewer ingredients and seems very simple – definitely an experiment for winter break for me!