UNA RICETTA DA MARLA—Coconut Corn Pancakes with Blueberry Sauce!

by valentinalucia

Marla Meridith, the creator of the super fantastic blog Family Fresh Cooking, revisited her college roots last week with a trip to Syracuse University! We were delighted to have Marla back on the Cuse campus and to hear her speak about her inspiring transition from the world of Disney graphic design to the web world of food blogging. The overflowing crowd of foodies, eaters, Delta Gamma girls, faculty, and staff munched on delicious Lemon Ricotta Cookies that Marla made herself while she spoke about food, design, college, family, and the passion that drives her everyday to wake up at the crack of dawn and blog blog blog!

courtesy of Marla Meridith at familyfreshcooking.com

Two of my friends/co-editors from SU’s What the Health magazine and I were inspired to make one of Marla’s recipes—Coconut Corn Pancakes with Blueberry Sauce. We came together last Saturday to see if we could recreate Marla’s recipe for a delectable brunch. We only changed a few things about the recipe, due to limited resources and missing ingredients, but the results were tasty nonetheless!

Kathleen Corlett, editor-in-chief of What the Health, and our pancakes!

We couldn’t find flaxseed meal, so we just used the same amount of coconut flour to substitute. We also were unable to find Stevia drops at the last minute, so we sweetened everything with honey. The pancakes were soft, with a little chew to them, and the blueberry sauce packed fresh, bright flavor that only enhanced the summery feeling of the gorgeous Saturday we had in Syracuse! The entire recipe made about 12 small pancakes (we used a 1/4 cup measurement for each), and boy were they filling! I believe they were so satisfying because of the flour—coconut flour and corn flour have a ton of fiber, so only a few pancakes are enough to fill you up for a while! This recipe is definitely one I would make over and over again—and the best part is that it’s totally gluten free, making it perfect for just about anyone!